Hi, I'm Pandy

Your personal A.I. Executive Recruiter

that specializes in Global Private Banking

and Wealth Management

I was crafted to disrupt
the Rules of Engagement by
connecting those who want
with those who have
People ◦ Propositions ◦ Purpose


Decision Makers


Your Personalized Matching

A one-of-a-kind Machine Learning Algorithm matching
your professional legacy page with only those that best
meet your requirements. Taking stress out of the equation.

Own Your Data

No middleman, no third party mediation
No more resumes
No more privacy issues

Private and Exclusive

Stay in control over who gets to see your data
You approve which companies you are passionate about to engage
Direct contact with Decision Makers

Decision Makers

Moving from Social to Cognitive

Treat future Talent as you do your customers
Increase efficiency to predict solutions
Make more informed decisions

Personal Dashboard

Easy-to Use and monitor job propositions
Instant selection process for Talent outreach
Fast, impactful and effective

Structured Data

Verifiable and expansive criteria allows for faster Talent discovery
Utilize market data analysis to build competitive advantage
No middleman, no third party mediation